Why Your Local Locksmith Business Website is a Dud?

Got a business website for your home improvement services shop such as locksmith or plumbing? Does your business really benefit from the internet website?

Most of the websites on the internet are pure failure. Your business website might also be more of a decoration than real tool for business development. You pay for a website for your business online presence. Most small businesses do not really take measures to promote and propagate their online store.

Let us assume you operate as a locksmith in San Diego California US. Some of the common problems with small business websites such as locksmith services are listed below.

1. Poor and obsolete website
Most of the websites created for local businesses are stale, both in terms content, technology used for building as well as appearance. The internet is evolving fast, very fast. You cannot except your website to stay meaning without updates and renovations.

2. Haphazardly added content
For any business website to succeed, it has to have well planned content that is displayed to visitors in a manner to elicit certain desired action. If you want your website visitors to call you, a prominent call button is a must. How will anyone call if your phone number is buried deep down.

3. Clear design and prominent content
Your website must have neat and clear design with a clear center of attention. For any design, there is a point that catches the attention of the viewer first. You must make the design to incorporate a centre with your primary message, eg a big headline telling what you do the best. Do not have your home page littered with just text or a confusing mesh of text and images.

4. Don't live in isolation
Websites need to socialize. In technical parlance, we call it backlinks or just hyperlinks. Keep visiting other websites & forums, leave useful comments and articles. Do not forget to mention your business website with a link to it if it would be found useful.

5. Promote your business website
You must share your website with as many people as you can. Add your website address on your business card, brochures, hoardings, newspaper ads, email signatures, etc.

Keep learning new methods of promoting your business website. Never leave any right opportunity to talk about your business. Cheers.

How to Blog for New Locksmith Clients

It's a really tough world out there. Businesses are struggling to stay meaningful, viable and successful. Locksmiths are no different or isolated from the world.

With the onslaught of the modern technologies and the huge tide of the Internet, small businesses need to evolve and adapt.

In this modern world, the internet is the major force that determines whether you succeeded or fail. Locksmiths need to make the best use of the modern community that thrives on the Internet and also overlaps with their real world customers. You must find business opportunities online.

How? Start with your own website, a virtual extension of your physical business store. Just having a website is not enough anymore. You need to have a more widespread presence.

Blogs are one of the easiest methods for having a more active and better presence online. You can use free online blogging platforms such as Blogger and WordPress. These are easy to start, with zero cost and with no time at all.

A free blog has domain URL such as best locksmith.blogspot.com or locksmith.WordPress.com. It is effective in improving your presence on the internet. Such blogs can also improve your search rankings. However, free blogs lack the professional appearance.

Contrast a free domain blog with a custom blog URL that reflects your business identity -- Locksmith San Diego (sandiegolocksmith.info/blog). Do you see that a custom domain does not only make us stand out and look more professional, it also works as a brand advertising.

When you choose to use blogs as a marketing tool, make sure to not spam your blog. Write articles about tips and tricks of the trade. Share ideas and methods that people want to know. Eg: How to remove rust from an old lock, How to make your locks bump safe, How to install a door knob.

Is it wise to teach people locksmithing trade? Won't that make people fix their own locks and eventually affect my business? Not really. Anyone who needs locksmith service will find your business. They will read or watch you fix a lock. Some might try it at home and succeed. For most people, it will be too much task. So they will be more keen in seeking professional help after realizing that it is not that easy to fix their problem.

Be prolific with your blogs. Keep writing articles regularly. Try creating a schedule for blogging, eg twice a week or on Saturdays. Stick to your time table for blogging. Remember, it is a business chore that brings new customers.

You can use a phone to record video articles or locksmith tutoring. Audio blogs are also very effective. Videos and audio makes you stand out and create a bond with the prospective customers.

When blogging, make sure to write about stuff that matter. Find the keywords that people search for when they need a locksmith in your business area. Blog as much you can and see the difference. Best of luck!

Bluetooth Beacon Location-Aware Website Content is the Latest in Web Publishing

Are you a website publisher? Do you have a business website that shares information about products and services?

How about serving location-based information to your users?

With the help of bluetooth beacons, websites have started sharing content based on the exact location of the user. For instance, a website user present near the cafe section of the store can get to know all about the location-based information.

A better example would be a real estate agent. When you have a property website, location information from bluetooth beacons helps to provide the information pertaining to the exact location of the user. For instance, you have a visitor exploring your house for sale. If the person is standing in the kitchen, the webpage/app can serve all the details about the kitchen. When the user moves to the living room, the content gets updated with the information details of the living room. All of it happens without the user having to make any effort. This seamless flow of location-aware information can be used in a lot of creative ways.

Do you have a business that can make use of information based on time and location of the user? You might want to explore the opportunities of using beacons and time-expiration based web content.

An example of this content strategy implementation is "COASTER CMS". They have integrated both time-based and location-based content sharing in this content management system.


Check out the CMS and explore the world of more intelligent content sharing!

Blogging: Latest Trends to Follow

Blogging for your own branding or for your company? You must keep your blog up-to-date with the latest trends in blogging sphere to make it useful your potential readers.

1. Make it Responsive

For latest blogs, it is important to make it easily viewable from all devices such as mobile phones and tablets.  Your blog design should be such that it is easily navigable even from small screen devices. Also, it is important for good search engine rankings.

2. Add Social Media

Make the best use of social media by adding the share buttons and links. If you have good content, sharing it on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest can make it goo viral and reach a large audience. Laos, add your social media profiles on your blog to make it easy for others to reach you.

3. Fast Loading Website

If you are still stuck with an old website that loads lots of irrelevant media and delays the page load speed, get it lean and fast. No one wants to wait for websites anymore. Host your website on a fast server with optimized site for quick loading.

4. Use Phone Links

With  modern browsers and smartphones supporting telephone links, you can add telephone links to allow your potential customers and readers to call you easily. Adding the phone link is as easy as adding any other link.

The HTML code for telephone links is as such: <a href="tel:+91-99344-22-555">Call: +91-99344-22-555</a>.

5. Add Videos & Audio

Make the best use of fast Internet by adding videos and audio to enrich your blog content. You can easily create videos using your smartphones and video camcorders. You can also make such multimedia content using websites such as YouTube & other such sites. Upload the videos on media sites and embed them on your blog.