Blogging: Latest Trends to Follow

Blogging for your own branding or for your company? You must keep your blog up-to-date with the latest trends in blogging sphere to make it useful your potential readers.

1. Make it Responsive

For latest blogs, it is important to make it easily viewable from all devices such as mobile phones and tablets.  Your blog design should be such that it is easily navigable even from small screen devices. Also, it is important for good search engine rankings.

2. Add Social Media

Make the best use of social media by adding the share buttons and links. If you have good content, sharing it on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest can make it goo viral and reach a large audience. Laos, add your social media profiles on your blog to make it easy for others to reach you.

3. Fast Loading Website

If you are still stuck with an old website that loads lots of irrelevant media and delays the page load speed, get it lean and fast. No one wants to wait for websites anymore. Host your website on a fast server with optimized site for quick loading.

4. Use Phone Links

With  modern browsers and smartphones supporting telephone links, you can add telephone links to allow your potential customers and readers to call you easily. Adding the phone link is as easy as adding any other link.

The HTML code for telephone links is as such: <a href="tel:+91-99344-22-555">Call: +91-99344-22-555</a>.

5. Add Videos & Audio

Make the best use of fast Internet by adding videos and audio to enrich your blog content. You can easily create videos using your smartphones and video camcorders. You can also make such multimedia content using websites such as YouTube & other such sites. Upload the videos on media sites and embed them on your blog.