Bluetooth Beacon Location-Aware Website Content is the Latest in Web Publishing

Are you a website publisher? Do you have a business website that shares information about products and services?

How about serving location-based information to your users?

With the help of bluetooth beacons, websites have started sharing content based on the exact location of the user. For instance, a website user present near the cafe section of the store can get to know all about the location-based information.

A better example would be a real estate agent. When you have a property website, location information from bluetooth beacons helps to provide the information pertaining to the exact location of the user. For instance, you have a visitor exploring your house for sale. If the person is standing in the kitchen, the webpage/app can serve all the details about the kitchen. When the user moves to the living room, the content gets updated with the information details of the living room. All of it happens without the user having to make any effort. This seamless flow of location-aware information can be used in a lot of creative ways.

Do you have a business that can make use of information based on time and location of the user? You might want to explore the opportunities of using beacons and time-expiration based web content.

An example of this content strategy implementation is "COASTER CMS". They have integrated both time-based and location-based content sharing in this content management system.

Check out the CMS and explore the world of more intelligent content sharing!